2015 Reunion

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REUNION 2015 - This reunion included an optional morning visit at Onanda and then food and fun at the canal park in Fairport. Mouser organized us. One of the highlights was the opening of a Time Capsule buried at Onanda back in 1976.

As with prior reunions this was a day of laughter and reconnecting yet again...

Sweet Survivor

by Peter, Paul & Mary
Length 4:01

Camp Onanda

Sage, in her adventures found, of all things, a blue and white Onanda jacket.

When did Onanda have blue and white?!!! Still trying to determine when blue and white were Onanda colors... If you know, let us know! We're thinking 1940s.

Camp Onanda

Talk about challenged! Hope you enjoy seeing the progression of getting a bunch of Onanda folks to pose for a group shot.... Laugh well.

I know there are a lot of 2015 Reunion shots out there.... Please consider sharing some or all of you photos here on the site.