Passing & Memories

Remembering Our Late Onanda Staff and Campers

When Onanda folks gather in smaller local knots or at reunions, often someone will ponder the whereabouts of an "Onandian." Does anyone know where _________ is or what they're doing now? B.I. (Before Internet), this question often went unanswered. I.B. (Internet's Birth), and the truly incredible detective mind of Peaches have helped us in locating some of our lost friends.

In our searches for Onandians Peaches is relentless and creative. Sometimes we recover a link to our Onanda folks and sometimes we discover a deep sadness in the loss of a friend.

Here you will find both memories and what we currently know of Onanda family who have passed from our circle.

Over The Rainbow

by Eva Cassidy
Length 5:28

Camp Onanda
A good reminder for us all...
(gravesite unknown)