Reunion Pictures

Enjoy These Reunion Pictures From Our Past Gatherings

REUNIONS are just... special. It's hard to explain... but instantly we just pick up where we left off years ago. Easily we share where we are today, the good and the bad, and then relax into memories of our summer days at Onanda. So often, folks travel from Arizona, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Vermont, Pennsylvania, North Carolina even coast to coast from California to New York, simply to reconnect with Onanda.​ Yup, there's just something special about reunions.

Stranger At My Door

by Anne Murray
Length 2:55

Camp Onanda
Massachusetts reconnecting with Western New York at the 2011 Reunion (Bugsy and Putt)
Camp Onanda

In 1989

Camp Onanda was sold to the Town of Canandaigua and became a public park. This gathering was the official "turning over" from the YWCA to the Town of Canandaigua. A sad reunion in some respects, but the Town of Canandaigua has taken great care of this special place and we are grateful.


Initially "Onandians" tried to rally every ten years for a reunion. Then it simply seemed too long to wait so we switched to gathering together every five years. Peaches has been instrumental in getting us organized through the years and hopefully she'll put a year to this first group of shots. 🙂

Camp Onanda