Camp Day Shots

Bringing Back the Memories of Our Good Old Camp Days


Yes, those were the days of no cell phones or digital cameras that could easily capture the fun and beauty around us. Still, thanks to so many campers and staff we have quite a collection of summers at Onanda. Sincere thanks to those of you who took these shots and for sharing them. These photos are in no particular order and often without a year. Just enjoy them!

OH! If you happened to come upon some photos at home that were hidden away, please send them along. Let's get them up on the site!

Blowin' In The Wind

by Peter, Paul & Mary
Length 2:57

Camp Onanda

Teen Hill Campers started each day with this Incredible View...

Surely you remember the hectic flow of days at Onanda. Just enjoy some of the captured moments that of those summer days at Camp Onanda over the years.

Camp Onanda

And... as we scroll through these shots and remember summers at Onanda we are so grateful for the campers and staff who took these pictures. Thank you all.

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