Junior Counselors

Our Junior Camp Counselors Through the Years

Junior Counselors were the youngest of the counseling staff. Junior Counselors were paid staff and performed the same duties of a Senior Counselor. They, however, were required to meet with the Junior Counselor director on a daily basis while senior staff, only when necessary, reported to the Camp Director.

Again, thanks to Judy (Foxluger) Naccarella, "Foxie", we have the JCs of 1956, the first year JCs were part of the staff.

Left to Right
FRONT ROW - Twiggy, Rene, Lari, April, Pati, Paulette, Buzz
BACK ROW - Mouse, Truesie, Bugsy, Paps, Cheri

Left to Right
FRONT ROW - Knitty, Whammy, Lynn, April, Hilly, Spaz
BACK ROW - Rene, Pepper, Lari, Twiggy, Paulette