Snapshots of Our Dedicated Camp Staff

The staff of Camp Onanda included directors, business people, caretakers, nurses, maintenance crews, cooks, kitchen helpers, and, of course, counselors. Each link of the staff was vital. Each link made a positive and lasting impact upon Onanda.

Camp Onanda

1953 Must mention again that our 1950s staff, JC, and camper photos were provided by Judy (Foxluger) Naccarella, Foxie.

The Late 1950s




Left to Right
TOP - Sparks, Rox, Salty, Kinish, Lorie, Missy, Pogo, L.D., Shew, Timbi, Dutch, Trix, Sam, Apples, Molly, Perk, Cookie, Twinkles
3rd - Porky, Tick, Peanuts, Skiddes, Betz, Dee, Maggie, Shay, Tristy, Kicki, Andi, Newtz, Muff, Mart
2nd - Paji, Limpy, Splash, D.J., Skip, Dixie, April, Genny, Kari, Chip
1st - Cranie, Mouse, Sharpie, C.C., Cheri, Truesie, Rusty, Upty, Pietie
Thank you Kammy! Not only did you have 1966, you had '67 and '68 with names as well! Outstanding Camper/Counselor Award to you!

TOP - Bunny, Fox, Maggie, Snooks, Tick, Frostie, Missy, Upty, Kickie, Twinkles, Cookie, Petie, Vip, Pogo
3rd - Tex, Hamp, Chico, Sami, Sudsy, Rusti, Kip, Ziff, Beil, Mart, Shay, Skeets, Jan, Sparky, Geekie
2nd - Jodi, Trix, Limpy, Perk, April, DJ, Skip, Dixie, Splash, Timbi, Cassie, Huey, Apples
1st - Pati, Paps, Paulette, Cheri, Truesie, Twiggy, Lari, Buzz, Bugsy, Mouse, Rene
(Thank you, Nancy Showalter Clark for labeling your shots!)

TOP - Corky, Truesie, Jan, JO, Cassie, Misty, Bugsy, Sadie, Pixie, Cranie, Zooey, Sage, Twinkles, Mart, Frostie, Su-Su
3rd - Putt, Tex, Cap, Snooks, Chico, Sami, Dee, Squeak, Woody, Rabbit, Shay, Paps, Bunny, Chip
2nd - Kit, Trix, Apples, Perk, DJ, Skip, Dixie, April, Mouse, Vip, Peanuts, Bennie
1st - Knitty, Lynne, Hilly, Pepper, Twiggy, Lari, Paulette, Spaz, Rene, Wammie


STANDING (left to right) - Spaz (Anna Bradley), Carol Phelps, Millie Burd, Marie Frederick
SEATED (left to right) - Arnold Smeenk, Kevin Bradley, John Sargent